Salvando perezosos en la naturaleza a través de iniciativas de investigación y conservación. 

High-quality research on sloth biology and ecology

In order to develop and implement any good conservation strategy, a solid scientific knowledge of the sloth’s ecological requirements is necessary. Read our scientific research papers published in open-access peer-reviewed journals here.

Habitat restoration and protection

Every single property or garden has the potential to provide safe habitat and food for wild animals. Know more about our paramount program here!

Post-release monitoring 

Can an orphan sloth that has been hand-reared in a rescue center in Central America survive after being released into the Costa Rican rainforest? Find out here!

Bridging the gap

Restoring habitat connectivity and enable sloths and other arboreal wildlife to safely navigate the places we share with them. Check how many bridges we installed!

Preventing wildlife electrocutions

Campaigning for underground power lines and funding the insulation of existing overground power lines.

Saving sloths by helping dogs!

Spaying and neutering stray and rescued dogs to reduce the number of dog attacks on wildlife in Costa Rica. Find out more about how we address this issue.

The first Sloth Accreditation!

Accredited members of the SFN actively engage in environmentally friendly practices to support the protection of sloths and help to educate tourists to be partners in conservation.

We inspire the next generation!

Our Education Outreach program engages and empowers children to be stewards of their environment by increasing their understanding of sloths and how to address the threats they face. Learn more…

Raising awareness of  sloth exploitation

International education to reduce poaching for the sloth pet trade and tourist sloth “selfies”. Become a responsible traveler with us!

Adopt a sloth❤️

Help us to safeguard a future for these amazing animals by adopting a sloth for yourself, a friend or family member today!

We are proud to guarantee that 100% of all proceeds from our adopt a sloth program go towards funding our sloth conservation programs.

Join Team Sloth!

Together, we have the chance to really make a difference! 100% of your donation will go towards supporting our conservation efforts to save sloths in the wild.


10 incredible facts about the sloth!

We have learnt that sloths are far from being simple, lazy creatures that just sleep all day. They are complex, mysterious animals that have an evolutionary history so weird that you might accuse us of making it up! Read more…

Three-fingered sloth ‘adopts’ a two-fingered sloth baby!

These two sloths are not only different species, but they belong to two completely different families, separated by over 30 million years of evolution. Cross-species adoptions like this are incredibly rare in the wild, with only 3 other documented observations of this happening. Continue reading…

Looking for the perfect gift for the sloth lover in your life?

Look no further for sloth gift ideas – we have you covered! Our selection of sloth-themed Gifts that Give Back are available for international delivery and with proceeds going to support our sloth conservation efforts – it’s a double win! Read more…

Proceeds from our Sloth Shop go towards supporting our conservation projects!

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Our mission

Based on the belief that every single person has the ability to make a positive difference, we are focused on inspiring individuals to care about sloths, to protect the rainforest ecosystem and to safeguard a future for the planet that we all share.

Sloth populations are in decline throughout South and Central America as they struggle to adapt to the urbanisation of the rainforest. Saving these incredible animals from extinction now requires innovative and long-term conservation solutions that provide sustainable ways for sloths to coexist with the people sharing their habitat. We have developed a range of community-based programs that help us to achieve this mission.

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How to get involved

You can make a difference. As a non-profit organisation, we rely on your support to make our work possible.  There are many ways in which you can help to protect a future for sloths: commit to donate, adopt a sloth, volunteer or browse our online shop!

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