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The collective impact of individual efforts can make an immense difference in the struggle to achieve a sustainable balance between economic development and wildlife conservation.

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Through the Sloth Friendly Network we incentivize and endorse community members in Costa Rica who promote responsible tourism and contribute to the conservation of biodiversity.

Accredited members of the SFN actively engage in environmentally friendly practices to support the protection of sloths and help to educate tourists to be partners in conservation.

Here at SloCo we believe that every single individual has an important role to play when it comes to protecting the wildlife of Costa Rica.

Every single business has the potential to provide safe habitat and food for wild animals, and to educate guests on how to travel responsibly.

Millions of people flock to Costa Rica every year to enjoy the abundance of wildlife, but the rapid rate of development is now threatening to destroy the rich biodiversity that underpins this important and expanding industry.

Through the Sloth Friendly Network, we can ensure that every single property in a given area maintains canopy connectivity with neighboring properties. This network provides a safe route of passage for sloths and other arboreal animals and increases habitat availability in disturbed areas

Property owners benefit through an increased presence of wildlife on their land, which in turn attracts more visitors.

Joining the Sloth Friendly Network only requires a willingness to participate.

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We provide community members with everything that they need to make their business as sloth-friendly as possible – for free!

Unlike other wildlife-friendly accreditation programs, members of the SFN do not have to pay large annual fees or jump through complicated loopholes to get accreditation. 

We believe that making members pay for accreditation alienates the people who really matter in wildlife conservation – the everyday people who form the heart of a community.

How it works:

If a business or individual would like to join the Sloth Friendly Network, we work with them to develop a custom plan that will meet the eligibility requirements for accreditation.

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Through our Connected Gardens project, we provide and plant native trees, build and install Sloth Crossing wildlife bridges, and we provide all educational materials needed to teach guests about the ways they can help to protect sloths.

We have two different accreditation levels available depending on the circumstance or business type. All accredited businesses receive:

  • A framed SFN accreditation certificate.
  • Free educational materials and sloth-themed giveaways for guests.
  • Promotion on our website and in the ‘Slowly Planet’ – the ultimate travel guide for sloth-friendly tourism in Costa Rica.

If you are a business or individual in Costa Rica and you would like to join the Sloth Friendly Network, please contact us.

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