Sloth School

Sloth School: Education Outreach

Our Education Outreach program engages and empowers children to be stewards of their environment by increasing their understanding of sloths and how to address the threats they face.

  • Teaching the next generation about sloths through interactive workshops in schools (virtually and locally).


  • Dispelling myths and sharing first-hand, scientific knowledge about these poorly understood creatures.

Planting the seeds of knowledge and awareness is the key to effective community-based conservation.

Education is a central and unifying element in all of our programs. An increase in knowledge often leads to an expansion of empathy.

The better we understand these fascinating creatures and the challenges they face, the more we can motivate and empower people to be better neighbors to wildlife on a local and global scale.

We have designed a hands-on activity booklet, that the children can take home to their families.

The classes are currently taught in four different languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, and the local indigenous language of Bribri.

“In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.”

We have created a series of sloth activity booklets which use fun facts, activities and puzzles to help children learn all about sloths and wildlife conservation. It is perfect for use with school groups, or just as a way to keep your child entertained for hours!

We currently offer two downloadable PDF versions of the booklet: one for preschool children and one for ages 8-10. The booklets are available in English, Spanish, German, and Japanese.

We partner with the Omuta City Zoo in Japan to translate our sloth education materials into Japanese so that we can inspire the next generation of sloth-loving students in Japan!

Slocky & Marley, the amazing sloths! Age 8-10

Pre-school Activity Booklets

Extra Activity – Sloth masks!