What kind of Sloth giver are you?

What kind of Sloth giver are you?


The Sloth Adopter

Symbolic adoptions allow us to keep hard working in the field all year round!

sloth illustration giver

Very Important Partner

VIP Subscribers let us plan our conservation efforts in advance!

VIP sloth illustration giver

Sloth Crossing supporter

These amazing supporters help generate safe corridors for sloths!

sloth giver sloth crossings wildlife bridges

Tree planter

Plant native trees for sloths and other arboreal animals!

sloth tree planter illustration

Science aficionado

Supports sloth research, and we deliver!

sloth science illustration

Dog Lover

Save sloths AND help dogs!

sloths dog illustration

Spread spectrum giver

General donations help to fill all project’s budgets!

sloth giver illustration

The volunteer

Because time is precious, no matter the location!

volunteer sloth illustration

The Wishlister

Giving just what we need!

sloth giver illustration

Sloth Influencer

Spreading the word and raising awareness!