Tales from the Jungle | SlothTober 2022!

Tales from the Jungle | SlothTober 2022!

Sloth Day

Every October 20th, millions of different people around the world come together to celebrate sloths for reasons nearly as varied as they are: because sloths are a flagship species critical to the biodiversity of their habitats, because they symbolize an antidote to the stress and hurry of our high-speed modern world, or because they are just really cute and interesting animals!


international sloth day


From the big metropolises of Europe to small towns in South Asia, from the jungles of the Caribbean to the mountaintops of the United States, from the outbacks of Australia to the Great Plains of Africa and the cities of South America –we are all members of this beautiful sloth community that we have built together these past few years. Check out our map of donors to see where all of your fellow sloth supporters hail from!



Together we’ve been studying and developing conservation strategies to help wild sloths, and together we’ll go beyond our current achievements to new and greater heights. Thank you for being part of this! It is an honor to work with you to help save our favorite animal.

2° International Sloth Fest!

Last Saturday was the Second International Sloth Festival, and wow, it was a sight to see. Around 300 visitors from countries as far flung as Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, the UK, the US, Germany, Italy, and more came to enjoy a day of sloth and conservation-themed booths, shopped at a special handcrafted goods market, got some sloth education, saw a photography exhibition about urban sloths, visited a variety of talks, tracked some real-life USP sloths, walked jungle trails, took home free trees, and even adopted puppies! Whew!



There was so much going on that we can’t possibly cover it all in this blog, so check out our latest Festival Chronicle for an exclusive insider look at how we’re making sloth history.

200 Sloth Crossings!

We’ve been hyping up and anticipating this really important milestone for a few weeks now, and on Saturday we finally achieved it: the Sloth Festival was witness to our 200th wildlife bridge! It’s incredibly moving to see these crossings slowly stitching together the fragmented canopy, and we can’t think of a better dedication for this special bridge than our steadfast supporters and contributors, the Krueger Family!


sloth fest sloth crossing bridge
Dayber installing the 200th Sloth Crossing. Photo Mira Meijer

1000 Trees for Sloth Day

Special thanks to JetSloth and  Gravity Forms for their kind donation to plant 1000 trees in the South Caribbean. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll start planting these sloth-friendly trees, and soon the sloths will be singing your name! Well, maybe not, because sloths don’t sing much, but the birds and other wildlife that use them definitely will.


jetsloth gravity forms
Sloths and Games

This month SloCo is thrilled to launch the Charity Streams Campaign, which gathered together a community of sloth enthusiasts, gamers, and streamers. 20 streamers went live this month, logging 300 hours to help fundraise $4000 for sloth education and conservation.


sloth streams


Thank you to everybody who participated in this SlothTober, and we look forward to seeing you next year!


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