Tales from the Jungle: May

Tales From the Jungle: May

Somehow we are almost half-way through 2020 – a year that is turning out to be remarkable for all the wrong reasons. Thankfully I will be sharing with you some happy sloth news and I am relieved to report that Team Sloth are all “hanging in there”.

As the lock-down restrictions began to ease this month (Costa Rica has successfully managed to fatten its coronavirus curve and keep the total number of cases below 1200), we were able to resume our important field projects in a very un-sloth-like way.

Our team jumped into action building sloth bridges, planting trees, and tracking released sloths through the jungles of Costa Rica. We also launched our brand-new Sloth Shop this month that is stuffed full of sloth-themed goodies for you to enjoy!

Bridging the Gap

This month our chief bridge-builder (Adolfo, a.k.a. “Gallo”) was hard at work, installing four new Sloth Crossing canopy bridges in the South Caribbean! These bridges enable sloths and other wildlife to safely navigate between fragmented habitats in disturbed areas. These bridges were sponsored by Amanda Kelson, April Armistead, Danielle Haley, and Animalia!

Tales from the Jungle
Gallo (our chief Sloth Crossing installer) hard at work.

Protecting sloths means protecting people

Due to the ongoing pandemic and economic crisis, a lot of families in the area are struggling to put food on their tables. Earlier this month we are proud to have formed a collaboration with a local food bank to support 170 families with 270 children in need in the South Caribbean.



The offer of the month

Saving sloths one tote bag a time! This is your chance to support the environment and spread sloth love at the same time. For a limited time only you can get 30% off this organic tote bag in our sloth shop! Huge thanks to designer Megan Fardnen who supports our work with her beautiful art.

sloth tote bag


I hope you are continuing to stay safe and healthy during these challenging times. Please Hang in there – we are all in this together! As always, thank you for your ongoing support and for helping our efforts to create a safer world for sloths.


All best from sunny Costa Rica,




Dr. Rebecca Cliffe

Founder and Executive Director