Starting 2023 with a Heart Full of Love | Tales from the Jungle January 2023

Starting 2023 with a Heart Full of Love

At the end of last year, our tight-knit SloCo team scattered far and wide to celebrate the holidays with their families and friends. Some went to the other side of Costa Rica, some as far as countries such as Argentina, the UK, Germany, or the US.



We all love Puerto Viejo, but sometimes this little corner of the world feels very distant from everyone else. Working and living far from our loved ones is hard, and working in conservation is often no easy task.

News that the doomsday clock is set at 90 seconds to midnight can confirm our worst fears and leave us feeling one step behind–but to have hope and the will to be the change in the world, what we really need is love. Love for humanity, love for wildlife, love for the environment, love for knowledge. There’s no other way to fight for our world and all its living creatures without conviction and love.


sloth tracking monitoring using binoculars


So, how is it to love a job in research and conservation? Read our latest Tracking Diaries by José–biologist, researcher, and new lead for the Urban Sloth Project–in which he gives us some insights about his job and his passion for it.

“I have been working as a researcher for only 7 months, the time has passed extremely fast, and still, I have learned incredible things that can only be taught in the field…”


sloth using a wildlife bridge

Projects Update!

Speaking of things we love, in January we also planted 180 trees, installed 6 Sloth Crossings Wildlife Bridges, and spayed and neutered our first 10 rescued dogs of 2023!

Last but not least, we’re here to help you celebrate Valentine’s, Galentine’s, or Palentine’s! No matter your celebration, we have a great selection of sloth-themed gifts that A) you will love, B) help wild sloths, and C) also support our conservation initiatives!

Love your planet, love your sloths, and love your very favorite sloth conservationists, because we sure do love our supporters.

-SloCo Team

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