Slothoween and Things that Go Bump in the Night

Slothoween and Things that Go Bump in the Night

When you think of Halloween, sloths may not be the first creatures that come to mind. These “serial chillers” may not immediately strike fear in the hearts of children but have you ever seen a sloth creeping around at night?


Sloths are cathemeral, which means they are active at different times of day and night. Due to their varied sleeping and eating habits, they can often be seen slowly creeping around at night.



Spirits of the night

Legends abound about creatures that haunt the night. Sometimes this can lead to some misunderstandings, as in the case of the endangered Aye-Aye. This strange lemur of the night is often killed upon sight because of the belief that they will bring bad luck to a community.

With their nocturnal habits and skeleton-like fingers, Aye-Ayes truly embody the spirit of Halloween. Although their fingers may seem creepy, they use these specialized digits to reach larvae living in tree stumps./Photo: Wikimedia Commons, nomis-simon

Ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta), like sloths, are also cathemeral. Although adorable during the day, their haunting calls echo throughout the night. In fact, the name lemur comes from the Roman word “lemures” meaning “spirits of the unburied dead.” With their glowing orange eyes and spooky sounds, they definitely live up to their name!

Like sloths, ring-tailed lemurs will bask in the sun to raise their body temperature./Image: Wikimedia Commons, Keven Law

Celebrating Slothoweeen

Whether you enjoy carving pumpkins, sharing scary stories, or stuffing yourself with candy, there are many ways to celebrate Halloween. To get in the “spirit”, here are some our favorite spooky sloth facts and Halloween sloth puns (we apologize in advance for a couple of them).


Spooky sloth facts

  • Sloths are blind in bright daylight. During the day their pupils can be as small as pinpoints but during the night their pupils expand to an impressive size!

In bright light, sloths have incredibly small pupils (if you look carefully you can see the black dots in the center of their eyes). Photo/Suzi Ezsterhas
  • Three-fingered sloths can turn their heads 270 degrees! They are able to do this due to two extra vertebrae in their necks, which help them to reach those difficult leaves without having to move their whole body.

These extra cervical vertebrae come in handy during swimming as well, making it easier to hold their head above the water as they sloth-paddle to shore!/Photo: Suzi Eszterhas
  • Wild sloths often have hundreds of insects living in their fur! Their hair is home to the sloth moth – a special species of moth that is found nowhere else on planet Earth!

In addition sloth moths, sloth fur hosts algae which turns them green and helps them to camouflage!/Photo: Suzi Eszterhas
  • There used to be a type of sloth, known as the giant ground sloth, that was 20 feet from head to tail and weighed up to 4 tons!

When standing on their hind legs, the giant ground sloth (Megatherium americanum) stood 12 feet tall!/Photo: Wikimedia commons: Ballista
  • A sloth can fall from over 100 feet without breaking a single bone! Their miraculous ability to withstand falls from such great heights comes from the fact they have almost double the amount of ribs as we do!

Sloths have 21 pairs of ribs (humans have 12) which help to protect their internal organs during a fall./Photo: skull unlimited

Slothoween puns

  • What do sloths and zombies have in common?

-They are both “creepy” and sleepy.

  • Who do you call to solve a sloth mystery?

-Shersloth Holmes.

spooky sloth halloween


  • What do you call a sloth who dressed up as a ninja for Halloween?

-A lean green fighting machine.

  • Why did the sloth have a bad Halloween?

-They only managed to visit one house.


spooky sloth halloween



  • What happened to the sloth’s Halloween candy?

-They had to leaf it behind.

  • What’s a sloth’s favorite superhero?


  • What’s the sloth’s favorite Star Wars character?



halloween spooky sloths

  • What did the sloth go as for Halloween?

-Sleeping Beauty.

  • What did the sloth say when they arrived at the house for candy?

-Trick or sleep? Give me some good leaves to eat!


spooky halloween sloths


Wishing you a happy Slothoween from the SloCo team!

-Katra Laidlaw

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