Best Sloth Memes

Best Sloth Memes

Some experts consider memes an important form of communication. No doubt you also know someone who speaks in memes (millennials, we’re looking at you) and we love memes too!

We’ve made a selection of the funniest sloth memes for your personal amusement, or for sharing with your meme-obsessed, sloth-nerd friends.

1. Red Flags

Red flags are the signs that warn you that that person might not be the right one for you…


red flags meme

…especially if they like to go to petting zoos and hug sloths!


2. Khaby Lame reacts to people interacting with sloths:


khaby lame reacts sloth meme

What can we say, he gets it.


3 . The Mika song from Tik Tok

…but slothified:

sloth memes


4 . This is not fine

sloth meme this is not fine

This was the exact reaction of all of us at SloCo after the IPCC report on global warming officially told us what we already know:

Human activities are affecting the climate and we’re tired of pretending nothing is happening.


5. Not really a meme, but we had to include it anyway.

This comic from artist Liz Climo really blew up on our social media this Halloween:

halloween sloth meme


6. You’ve heard of the elf on the shelf…

sloth meme elfe on the shelf

…the moth on the sloth!


7. What kind of holiday sloth are you?

christmas holiday sloth meme


We’re definitely number 9 when it comes to the discussion about sloths not having toes in their hands and why the correct name is ‘three-fingered sloth”, and OMG, don’t even get us started on the subject of power lines…


8. New Year Sloth Resolutions

9. Abbey Road sloth

To celebrate The Beatles day

10. New Year, New Me?

Actually, let me be a slothful sloth as usual


11.  2024? But we’re still in 2021, right?

We got you. You’re not the only one navigating time as a sloth.




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