Sponsor a Sloth Education Outreach Event

To instigate long-term change, we strongly believe that planting the seeds of knowledge and awareness from an early age are the key to success. Although the missions of SloCo target conservation of sloths in the wild, it is hugely important to us that the children who live in this environment – the children who will grow up to be responsible for future conservation efforts – know as much as possible about the wildlife that surrounds them every day.

Our outreach workshops aim to connect children to nature, and to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify environmental challenges in their communities related to the conservation of sloths and the rainforest ecosystem. The programs currently take place in local primary schools throughout the Limon province of Costa Rica where children are taught about the biology of sloths, the importance of the ecosystem, the challenges that sloths are facing and how they can help.

Your donation will cover all costs for a one-day education outreach event for 30 students in a rural school in Costa Rica.