Save an Acre

Strategic not-for-profit land purchases in Central America to save threatened sloth habitats from the effects of deforestation!

Habitat loss from the destruction of trees is the greatest threat to the survival of sloths. We believe that by protecting the forest, piece of land by piece of land, we can guarantee a future for the species.

Development is accelerating throughout the South Caribbean region of Costa Rica at an alarming rate. Deforestation due to massive agriculture (coffee, banana, pineapple and palm oil plantations) as well as expanding rainforest urbanisation to accommodate the increase in tourism associated with recent road expansions, Chinese investment and airport and port enlargements. The resultant loss of habitat connectivity is a disaster for the survival of sloths and other arboreal animals in the area, where inbreeding is already threatening the genetic health of wild populations. We believe that the only immediate solution to prevent this rampant urbanisation of the rainforest is to strategically buy the land and shield the ecosystem from development. As the long-term protection of these important areas is our primary conservation goal, we believe that a strong community-based approach to land and nature preservation is key to reducing the threat of encroachment. By working closely with local people we can educate them about the importance of protecting the rainforest, equip them with techniques for sustainable development and to empower them to save the wildlife that surrounds them via the provision of environmental jobs.

100% of your goodwill donation will go towards purchasing and protecting threatened primary rainforest habitat in the South Caribbean region (Limón) of Costa Rica where sloth populations are suffering. Current land prices in the areas threatened with development stand at approximately 2-3 dollars per square meter. As development progresses, these prices will certainly escalate beyond our reach as a non-profit organisation. Together we can make a difference, we must act now.

If this is a gift, we can send a gift certificate and information packet on request (just send us an email after your purchase)!