8 Perfect Gifts For People Who Love Sloths

Looking for the perfect gift for the sloth lover in your life?

Look no further for sloth gift ideas – we have you covered! Our selection of sloth-themed Gifts that Give Back are available for international delivery and with proceeds going to support our sloth conservation efforts – it’s a double win.


1. Adopt-A-Sloth (from $25 / £20)

sloth gift

We are offering ‘VIRTUAL‘ and ‘PHYSICAL‘ sloth adoption packages – perfect as a gift!

In exchange for a donation, we will send you a full personalised adoption goodie-bag either via email (virtual) or in the mail (physical)! Choose to adopt one of our 7 available sloths today and you will receive:

  • A personalised adoption certificate
  • Full biography / history profile for your chosen sloth
  • A photo print of your adopted sloth
  • A copy of our best-selling photography book: Sloths, Life in the Slow Lane (physical adoption packages only)


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“The adoption package arrived today. Thank you SO much, my daughter is going to love it! The quality far exceeds my expectations and the book is just beautiful. Perfect for bedtime reading!” -Claire Johnson. UK

“My wife absolutely loved her sloth adoption! The book is incredibly informative, and the photos are so beautiful. Thanks again for your time and efforts in helping provide this wonderful gift!” -Darren Martin, Florida

“The adoption package is great, better than I expected! We looked into many “adoption” options for our sloth-obsessed niece and, as an animal behaviorist myself, I was so pleased to see that we would be supporting such wonderful conservation efforts with your organisation.” -Anne Farrell, Australia 


2. SLOTHS 2021 wall calendar ($14.99 / £10.99)

sloth calendar 2021

Receiver of the Amazon Choice Award for ‘best sloth calendar’ for the fourth year running!

Channel your inner sloth and ease into 2021 with the ultimate sloth calendar!

Each month features spectacular photographs of sloths paired with exclusive “behind the scenes” captions. Five different species of sloth are showcased, including swimming pygmy sloths and the maned sloths of Brazil!

The imagery is accompanied by fun sloth facts, written by world sloth expert and SloCo founder Dr. Rebecca Cliffe. Each month also includes a wide open grid with plenty of space to jot down all of those special dates and anniversaries, and it is complemented by the inclusion of a 12 month yearly planner. This 12” x 12” inspiring calendar is guaranteed to brighten your day!

sloth calendar 2021

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“I knew this was going to be adorable, but I didn’t expect being unable to suppress a big smile each time I flipped to a new page of this gorgeously photographed calendar. These are the best sloth photos I’ve ever come across. Every one captures some new aspect of these sweet sloths, evoking emotion in me, my husband, and son. What a wonderful gift!”


3. SLOTHS: Life in the Slow Lane book ($25 / £20)


sloth book gift

This stunning coffee-table style book takes readers on an immersive journey through the jungles of South America to discover the secret lives of sloths! The story is illustrated through spectacular imagery capturing some of the most intimate and rarely seen moments, while the narrative provides fascinating insights into the previously unknown habits of these unusual animals!

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best sloth book

If you love sloths you need this book! The photos are amazing and it’s packed full of interesting information, even as a sloth lover I learned loads of new facts!”

GORGEOUS and unusual coffee table book. Great gift for friends, family members, travelers, wildlife enthusiasts, students, and of course – sloth lovers!”


4. Sponsor a Sloth Crossing ($200 / £150)


This donation will buy the raw materials needed to construct a full single-rope canopy bridge to help sloths travel safely across roads and between forest fragments in urban areas.

If you sponsor a Sloth Crossing then we will install a personalized wooden plaque next to the bridge engraved with a name of your choice (this would make a fantastic gift for any sloth lover)! With your bridge sponsorship, we will email an information pack as well as photos and the GPS location of the finished bridge and plaque after installation. We will also notify you when wildlife start using your sponsored bridge!

sloth gift

Click here to Sponsor a Sloth Crossing 

“I’m not sure there is another example of a conservation effort with such instant gratification! My background is wildlife biology, environmental law/policy, and animal welfare. In my 20+ years working in those fields, I have never seen such a simple, yet effective way to immediately mitigate habitat loss. Kudos to all involved!” -Michelle Land, New York


5. ‘Hang in There’ Canvas Sloth Tote Bag ($17 /£13)

sloth tote bag gift


Get rid of all the plastic and show off your love for sloths with this spacious natural canvas tote bag designed exclusively to benefit sloth conservation!

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6. Sponsor sloth-friendly trees

sloth gifts

By planting sloth-friendly trees through our reforestation program in Costa Rica, you can provide safe habitat for sloths, protect biodiversity and help to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It’s a triple win!

You can make a custom donation to plant a particular number of trees, and we will choose tree species that are favoured by wild sloths for you! We will then plant them in key conservation areas where habitat loss is threatening the survival of sloths.  If you sponsor some trees as a gift, we can send a gift certificate, information packet and photos of the trees on request (just send us an email after your purchase)!

Click here to plant some trees


7. Protect 20 square meters of primary rainforest for sloths ($50 / £38)

sloth gifts

Habitat loss from the destruction of trees is the greatest threat to the survival of sloths. 100% of your donation will go towards purchasing and protecting threatened primary rainforest habitat in the South Caribbean region (Limón) of Costa Rica where sloth populations are suffering. If this is a gift, we can send a gift certificate and information packet on request (just send us an email after your purchase)!

Click here to protect the primary rainforest 

8. Sloth Activity Booklet (FREE!)

sloth book children

We have launched a range of sloth activity booklets which use fun facts, activities and puzzles to help children learn all about sloths and wildlife conservation. It is perfect for use with school groups, or just as a way to keep your child entertained for hours! We currently offer two downloadable PDF versions of the booklet: one for preschool children and one for ages 8-10. The booklets are available in both English and Spanish.

Click here to download the booklet!