Our Team

Team Sloth

Dr. Rebecca Cliffe

Founder and Executive Director

Tamara Avila

General Director

Patricio Silfeni

Marketing Director

Juan Diego Elizondo Garcia

Forest Nursery Manager

Amelia Symeou

Ecology Manager

Alex Turneralex

Digital Communications

Cecilia Pamich

Director of Growth and Communications

Francisco Rodríguez

Connected Gardens Manager

Dayber Barker

Professional Climber

Sarah Kennedy

Education and Outreach Manager

Kassandra Waite

Community education officer

Luis Castillo

Engineer and Sloth Backpack Designer

International Board of Advisors

Professor Rory Wilson

Head of Bioscience, Swansea University

Suzi Eszterhas

Internationally renowned wildlife photographer

Sharon Segura

Associate at the Venture Legal law firm in Costa Rica

Professor Michael Butcher

Functional Morphology, Youngstown State University

ryan1Dr Ryan Haupt

Sloth palaeontologist and Science Policy Fellow, University of Wyoming and The Geological Society of America

Alan Elizondo Medina

Founding partner of the Venture Legal law firm in Costa Rica

Board of Trustees

Suzi Eszterhas

Charles Amesbury

Nichola Shaw