June 2024 | Tales From The Jungle

June 2024 | Tales From The Jungle

Sloths are slow and time is fast, and as we said goodbye to the sixth month of the year, we have amazing updates! This month, we welcomed a new SloCo team member: Deily Mora Aguilar, who will be our new Connected Gardens and Sloth Crossings manager.



Deily is an agronomist engineer with a background in forestry and tropical ecosystems. Being from a rural area in Costa Rica, she has been involved in community conservation from an early age. Deily will help expand both Connected Gardens and Sloth Crossing projects to the next stage!


Dog Days of Joy

Mark from Working Dogs For Conservation is on a two-week visit to evaluate our sloth scat detection dog, Keysha, and her work. Dogs like Keysha, that work for such a specific task, require constant monitoring and adjustments in their training. Mark is here to work on those little details of Keysha’s behavior and abilities, and fine tuning her accuracy. The good news is that Keysha continues to be a unique and great working dog!


Sloths in Osa

The Osa Peninsula, on the south Pacific side of Costa Rica, is one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. We went there to survey potential sites for the Great Sloth Census and learn more about the sloths living there. We also tested our thermal drone and found a sloth colder than the surrounding trees!



We want to thank Copa de Arbol Eco Resort for hosting us during our time in Osa. Soon we’ll share more details about this trip, so stay tuned!


Would You Hold a Sloth?

This month, we also launched a survey with our colleagues from Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo to learn and understand public perceptions and experiences regarding encounters with sloths.



So far, we have collected over 700 responses, but if you haven’t taken the survey, we invite you to share your thoughts with us. The survey is anonymous, takes a couple of minutes, and your participation is very important. Share it with your friends and family too! You can take the survey here.


Farewell, Freckle!

Freckle, one of the most beloved sloths in our community, concluded her time in the Urban Sloth Project. After 15 months of monitoring and billions of data points collected from her behavior and activity, we retrieved her last tracking collar.



You can still symbolically adopt Freckle to learn about her story, or join our VIP subscription to get monthly updates on all the sloths we monitor for the Urban Sloth Project!


Sloth Crossing Used in Record Time!

Last Wednesday, June 26th, we installed a Sloth Crossing, and as soon as Dayber, our climber, climbed down from the canopy and touched the ground, a troop of Howler Monkeys started to use it—just five minutes after the installation!


You can support the Sloth Crossing Project by making a general donation or sponsoring your own bridge!


Are You in the UK? Check Out the Fana Card

We just partnered with Fana,  a payment card in the UK that gives back to conservation organizations every time you use it. The designs of the card are beautiful, and if you join Fana using this link, they will donate an extra £20 directly to SloCo!


I hope you enjoyed this update, and as we enter a new stage in one of our most important projects, I can’t wait to bring you more updates soon. Thank you once again for being part of our Sloth Community and for supporting all of our projects.






Dr. Rebecca Cliffe 

Founder and Executive Director

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