July 2023 | Tales From the Jungle

July 2023 | Tales From the Jungle


Hello, Sloth community! Here in the South Caribbean, we’re at the peak of the rainy season and carry on the projects with our gum boots! Let’s dive into the news!


The Urban Sloth Project



Our Urban Sloth Project collaborator, Heather Ewart, presented our research at the International Congress for Conservation Biology in Rwanda. ICCB is the premier global meeting for conservation scientists and professionals, providing a great opportunity to showcase our research on sloths living in urbanized habitats.



About the USP sloths, we bid farewell to Pumpkin. She has provided us with nine months of GPS and observational data and two sets of Daily Diary data, so it was time to let her go. We also collared and welcomed a new three-fingered sloth called Noah!

You can support the Urban Sloth Project by joining our VIP community and receiving monthly updates about all the sloths we’re tracking!


Just a few weeks until our big event!


Secure your spot and join us at our ‘Hanging Out for Sloths’ fundraising event in Petaluma on August 19th! The event is a fantastic opportunity to connect within our sloth community, support our work, and enjoy live music, hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and the best stories about sloths and conservation! Get your tickets here!


Connected Gardens and Sloth Crossings



Continuing our efforts,  we restored habitat by planting over 150 new sloth-friendly trees, installed four new sloth crossings, and performed maintenance work on two old ones. Maintenance is vital to ensure the bridge structure remains in good condition!



This month, we also participated along with other organizations in the ‘Festival de la Resistencia Pabru Pesbere,’ celebrated by the indigenous communities of the South Caribbean. We had a booth to explain our projects and gave away 100 sloth-friendly trees!


Are you on Threads?



We’ve joined the latest social media platform with a more relaxed approach but with the same goal: raising awareness, sharing sloth facts, and starting conversations about conservation. Follow us!

See you next week with more sloth content and news, and I wish you a great start to August!


-Dr. Rebecca Cliffe

Founder & Executive Director

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