JetSloth and Gravity Forms Sponsor 1000-Tree Plantation for Restoring Sloth Habitat.

JetSloth and Gravity Forms Sponsor 1000-Tree Plantation for Restoring Sloth Habitat.

To celebrate Sloth Month in October last year, our friends at JetSloth and Gravity Forms generously donated $10,000 to plant 1000 trees in the South Caribbean of Costa Rica. JetSloth and Gravity Forms are among the most popular tools for creating and managing website forms (including ours!). They provide a user-friendly interface for building various forms, such as contact forms, surveys, quizzes, and more. They offer a wide range of features and customization options, allowing website owners to collect and organize data effectively.

A big reforestation project

We always try to plant our trees in the best possible locations to ensure their survival and maximize the ecological benefits they provide. This process requires a lot of careful planning, but we are thrilled to announce that we have now successfully planted all the trees! Each tree will now grow to provide food, shelter, and a safe home for sloths suffering from habitat loss.

The Map:

We have created this map that shows the exact location of each plantation. Each one is identified by a unique code and accompanied by specific details, including planting dates and the quantity and species of trees planted.

The Plantings:

R-139: We planted 250 trees at Cocles Beach to restore the coastal habitat. This effort was conducted in collaboration with other local organizations, including the Blue Flag program. The Blue Flag certification is awarded to communities and beaches that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability, environmental actions, and community involvement.



R-141: We planted 120 trees on a farm located on Paraiso Road. This area is connected to the Gandoca Manzanillo Biological Reserve, making it an important part of the biological corridor.

R-145: We planted 308 trees on a property near Manzanillo, near the main road.

R-146: Located in a secondary forest reserve next to the Sloth Sanctuary, a famous rescue center, this planting effort involved restoring the area by planting 144 trees. This reserve serves as an ideal habitat for the reintroduction of rehabilitated sloths.



R-156: We collaborated with the passionate children of the Blue Morpho School as part of their extracurricular program. A total of 42 trees were planted on this plantation. The Blue Morpho School focuses on conservation and nature, making it a perfect partnership for our cause.



R-159: Located in the highly urbanized area of Playa Chiquita, we successfully planted 55 trees on this property.
R-162: In Playa Grande, Cahuita, we planted 50 trees



R 163: This area was cleared in the past to make way for a large parking lot. Thankfully, however, the new owners decided to reforest the land. We are deeply grateful that they chose to prioritize the restoration of the forest, and with your support, we were able to contribute to this transformation.



A thousand times: Thank You!

On behalf of our Connected Gardens team, including Diego, Dayber, Fran, Mariano, our volunteers, and the rest of the SloCo team, we again thank JetSloth and Gravity Forms for their support. Their donation has not only helped us to plant these trees but has also contributed to raising awareness about the importance of conservation and the preservation of our natural environment.

If you own a business and you would like to contribute to sloth conservation, you can become a corporate partner! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to contact@slothconservation.org


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