International Workers’ Day and Idleness

International Workers’ Day and Idleness


Today is International Workers’ Day. And what does this have to do with sloths?

First, it makes us think about the unfair name of these animals, a form of the word ‘lazy’ in most languages. But even though sloths are not lazy but energy-efficient, it also makes us think about laziness and how in our societies’ overfall, being a little bit idle and slowing down is not permitted. If you have today off, you are probably feeling guilty about it.




Many -too many- of us are overworked, burnout, exhausted, and stressed. And it’s crazy, nowadays, with all the technology that supposedly has to make our lives easier, we are working more than ever. At the same time, inequality is now the biggest problem of our era.

In his ‘Praise of Idleness,’ Bertrand Russel argues that a society that places greater value on leisure time would benefit individuals and promote greater social equality and environmental sustainability.



Today we invite you to release your inner sloth, chill, spend time with your loved ones, start the hobby you always wanted to, or relax on your couch and be idle.

On this Worker’s Day, we propose you think over the pedestal we humans have put on work and consumerism and how this has taken us away from leisure time and its potential to foster creativity, social connection, personal fulfillment, and spending time in nature.



“The road to happiness and prosperity lies in an organized diminution of work.” – Bertrand Russell


-Cecilia Pamich

Communications and Outreach

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