SloCo Wish List

SloCo Wish List

At SloCo we are a non-profit organization and so we rely primarily on monetary donations to complete our work. However, you can also help us by donating a specific item that we urgently need for one of our unique sloth conservation programs.

We love receiving items from our wish list! Just follow the links below to order the item and have it delivered directly to our SloCo headquarters at the following address:

The Sloth Conservation Foundation, Bank Vale Barn, Bank Vale Road, Hayfield, Derbyshire, SK22 2EZ, United Kingdom

If you would prefer to order the item for delivery within the United States, we can arrange this – please just email us at to get the delivery details.



Good binoculars are essential for sloth identification and research. Vanguard Endeavor ED II 10 x 42 Binoculars are our favourite:

Sling Shot

Our current sling shot has had a very long life and the rubber is starting to degrade. We use this equipment for the construction of our sloth crossing wildlife canopy bridges, installing sloth camera traps and for performing rescues where tree climbing is necessary.

Flagging Tape

This is essential for our research, sloth tracking and reforestation programs. We use this tape to mark the trees that sloths are using and to label all of the saplings that we plant through the Connected Gardens Project (degradable material).

Handheld GPS Unit

This is essential for our sloth research and tracking projects as we need to get an accurate GPS location for all of our collared sloths every single day. Our current unit is 10 years old and is starting to fail. While any model of handheld GPS will be gratefully received, we have had great results from the Garmin 64s receiver!

Note Taking Tablet

Our field staff makes behavioral observations on wild and recently released sloths every day, and by using a tablet to directly record the data via an ethogram drastically reduces the time needed for transcription. Any reliable tablet will work for this!