Happy Teacher’s Day! Celebrate it with Sloths

Happy Teacher’s Day! Celebrate it with Sloths

Teachers are one of the most important members of any community; without education, we will never develop the tools to change and grow. Teaching our next generation is fundamental, not only for our survival but for the survival of thousands of species, as well as the planet itself!

For most likely the first time, teachers have had to throw out the rule book and find new ways of teaching and engaging students remotely, due to the pandemic, as well as many parents having to step into the ‘teacher’ role for the first time. Undoubtedly, many of us soon realized how truly incredible teachers are, with our children stuck at home, and us juggling educating them while working from home, and still doing our best to make lessons fun and engaging.

sloth education
Ceci teaches a lesson at a local school about sloths and other types of wildlife before the pandemic.

The new “normal”

During the pandemic, teachers themselves were learning how to teach their students online while maintaining the creativity within their lessons, being unable to teach face to face, and still somehow keep their students happy and eager to learn. It definitely hasn’t been easy! Not being able to teach conventionally in a classroom has been difficult for teachers and students alike, and something the whole world has had to learn at the drop of the hat.

Here in Costa Rica, SloCo would usually visit several schools a month for native wildlife education lessons, where we teach the children all about the wildlife that surrounds them, focusing particularly on Sloths, and how to protect their homes. Costa Rica accounts for only 0.03% of the world’s landmass, yet holds almost 6% of the world’s biodiversity, making it an amazing place for nature lovers.

teacher reforestation agroforestry
Sloth lessons + tree planting in indigenous communities before the pandemic.

Sadly, animals here face daily battles with dogs, electrocution, roads, and people. Educating children on the dangers the animals they share their country with face brings awareness that these are problems that can be fixed, and in some, ignites a passion for helping animals that will continue throughout their lives. Without the help of the future Costa Rican generation, fighting these threats will be nearly impossible.

However, just like everyone else, we had to make changes this year, as schools in Costa Rica will not be back in session until 2021. We have been conducting free Zoom lessons from the jungle, to children all over the world who are unable to go back to school. We offer lessons and Q&A sessions for all ages, are able to reach children all over the world (one up-side of virtual learning!) – this way we can spread our sloth love even further and, hopefully, inspire some future sloth scientists and conservationists!

teacher sarah and jim
Teacher Sarah and Jim ready for a virtual lesson!

Sloth lessons for teachers (and everybody!)

You can sign up for online zoom lessons / Q&A’s here if you are interested! To help teachers and parents educating children at home in this ‘new normal’ we have also made our school activity booklets available to download online for free, which you can find here.

teacher sloth booklet
Free Sloth Activity booklets!

Whilst this year has been incredibly hard on everyone it has also brought out our creative and innovative sides – the shining example of which, have been teachers. We hope that all teachers know how much everyone appreciates your hard work and how much you inspire your children’s future, and by extension, our planet’s future.

Happy Teacher’s Day!

Sloth Hugs!

-Sarah Kennedy
Director of Education & Outreach