Giving Tuesday 2022 with Sloths!

What is Giving Tuesday 2022?

#GivingTuesday was created in 2012 and aims to be an antidote to consumer culture by celebrating generosity and inspiring people to bring about change in their communities and the world. It’s a chance to promote causes you believe in, and the one day of the year when non-profit organizations and charities get a chance to take center stage.

Why sloth conservation?

Sloths are a key part of the jungle ecosystems they inhabit, and when we give them the ability to peacefully inhabit their homes, we are helping out hundreds and even thousands of other plants and animals that call those trees home. Additionally, a healthy forest ecosystem provides food, medicinal plants, renewable resources, a clean watershed, scientific discoveries, and sustainable tourism to the local human communities that live within and around the rainforest.

Giving to sloths is like the gift that keeps on giving, but even better: it’s the gift that keeps on multiplying!


giving tuesday 2022

Does it really make a difference?

Global warming and habitat loss aren’t just the biggest threat to wildlife (including sloths), they are the biggest threat to human existence. A future without a habitable biosphere isn’t just bleak, it’s not viable at all. Sometimes it feels like the whole world is run by greedy corporations that are happy to sacrifice your future for their immediate profit, and the politics to change that are a slow and frustrating process.

While it’s important to promote governmental policies that protect our world, you don’t have to wait on them to effect real change, right now. There are immediate actions that individuals can take to address climate change, fight deforestation, reduce disease burden, and ensure a better world in the future and in the immediate present.

What’s the best way for me to give to sloths?

1. Sloth Science


science backpack sloth
Mango wearing a backpack with tracking equipment. Photo: Mira Meijer


Knowing and understanding sloth ecology and biology is important to develop conservation strategies. SloCo publishes papers and conducts research on these topics. You can contribute to sloth science by:

  • Becoming a VIP supporter. With a monthly subscription, you’ll be supporting the Urban Sloth Project and receive updates every month about the sloths we are monitoring!
  • Sponsoring a radio collar or a sloth backpack to help us track, monitor, and gather millions of data points about sloth behavior.
  • Making history with the Great Sloth Census Project and helping us determine the size and trends of sloths’ population to identify key areas for conservation.


2. Protecting rainforest

SloCo is really close to being able to turn 20 hectares of primary forest in the South Caribbean into a sloth reserve and a scientific station! With a donation of only $5 you can contribute one square meter (about a square yard) to this important project.


3. Connecting and restoring sloth habitat


giving tuesday 2022


Habitat fragmentation and deforestation due to urbanization are major threats to sloths, but you can help us address these problems by:


4. Educating the next generation



Today’s children are the conservationists and scientists of the future, and giving them the tools to learn about environmental issues and empowering them to effect lasting change is fundamental to protecting biodiversity.

You can support the Kukula Kids’ Club–an environmental club aimed at indigenous children in the South Caribbean of Costa Rica–by donating for school supplies and lessons.


5. Saving sloths by helping dogs


giving tuesday

Dog attacks are a big issue for sloths, and we tackle it by spaying and neutering rescued dogs. Donate to our Oh My Dog! Project to help all our furry friends, both wild and domestic!

6. Preventing electrocutions


giving tuesday 2022


Insulating powerlines and electrical transformers in urbanized areas are extremely important to protect sloths, who represent around 50% of the electrocuted mammals that arrive at rescue centers in Costa Rica. Every one of these injuries and deaths is preventable!

7. Supporting general donations

Not sure where your money will be best spent? General donations are some of the most important funds to conservation organizations, as they help us cover unforeseen expenses and cover gaps in other projects. If you want to know that your funding will be that critical difference at the exact right moment, consider making a general donation, and we promise something amazing will be done with it!



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