Game of Sloths

This month we decided to combine our love of sloths with our love of Game of Thrones: Introducing the Game of Sloths!For this photo series SloCo graphic designer Cecilia Pamich has lovingly created a sloth version of all your favourite characters and their most famous quotes!

01 night king

It did take them 10 years to reach the wall…

02 jon slow

Of course!

03 Arya

… nor tomorrow!

04 Tyrion not easy

It takes a sloth 30 days to digest a single leaf – imagine eating lettuce all day and taking a month to digest it! Not so easy….

05 Not a quenn a kalazy


06 varys

If a sloth had a motto, this would be it!

07 jaime


08 slothraki

… and queen of the Seven Deadly Sins

09 Cersei

… or nap. Or swim surprisingly well!


10 slowdor


11 Tyrion thats what l do


12 chaos is a ladder

There are three-fingered sloths, two-fingered sloths and little-fingered sloths!