Dear sloth lovers: We love You!

Dear sloth lovers: We love You!

At its heart, Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show appreciation for our loved ones. Showering our significant others with shiny boxes of sticky chocolate, heart-shaped candies, and love-struck teddy bears: we share gifts to demonstrate our affection for them.

Gifts that are usually forgotten in a matter of days or weeks.

To SloCo, our “significant others” are our supporters because what they do (what you do) for sloths is truly significant. From our outspoken activists to our generous and consistent donors, you’ve shown the kind of dedication that we could only dream of at the beginning.

Dreams that your support have turned and continue to make into a reality.


sloth lovers

Gifts that last:

Unlike those chocolates that go uneaten, your contributions have lasting effects.

We have seen our Sloth Crossing bridges get used by more animals over time as they continue to get accustomed to them.

Sloth School has taken to the virtual realm, reaching more young activists (thank you Girl Scouts!) and sloth aficionados than ever.

Cecropia trees (a favorite sloth tree) that we planted last year have doubled in size and thanks for your continued engagement so has our reach.


sloth lovers


Furthermore, loving sloths and working to protect them benefit a whole host of other species with whom they share their jungle home. The beach almond trees (a favorite staple of the two-fingered sloths) are an essential source of almonds for the critically-endangered Great Green Macaws.

Moreover, these beach dwelling trees help to mitigate coastal erosion thus protecting coral reefs from being smothered with silt. These trees also help to maintain dwindling nesting grounds for the immense leatherback turtles that pull themselves up onto the sand every year to lay their eggs.

These rich coastal ecosystems also help to purify water and are important sanctuaries for the fish that many coastal communities depend upon.

In other words, the love that you’ve shown for sloths is extended to the whole ecosystem, eventually making its way back to us.


Thanks for being our Valentine!

It’s amazing what a little sloth love can do. Thanks to you these sloths can continue to do what they do best – living their best sloth lives. And although sloths may not be the most romantic of animals, you are their Valentine too.

Thanks for continuing to show up for sloths – they may not remember to send flowers but they too are eternally grateful.

Thanks for being our Valentine – we hold you fondly in our hearts.

Sending a Valentine’s Day sloth hug your way!


sloth lovers


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