August 2023 | Tales from the Jungle

August 2023 | Tales from the Jungle

Hanging out for Sloths – a successful event!

We did it! Our first in-person event in the US was a total success! Over 100 guests enjoyed an afternoon of live music, sloth stories, and conservation adventures. Stay tuned for the upcoming article, where we’ll share the event details, how much we raised, and how we’ll use those funds! Thank you again to Beaumont Farms, our volunteers, attendees, sponsors, and donors who made it possible!



Research goes on

Our team of sloth researchers is visiting La Selva Biological Station and Reserve one more time for our research with our colleagues from Brown University to retrieve some of the GPS data from the collars we fitted on sloths on our previous visits. In case you’ve missed that, you can read about our first expedition to La Selva here (link to blog).




Dr. Cliffe explains sloths

Today Show correspondent Stephanie Gosk and our founder and executive director, Dr. Rebecca Cliffe, met at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo to talk about sloths and conservation. Watch the video here.



BBC Magazine!

This month, we’re thrilled to be the cover story of the latest issue of the BBC Wildlife Magazine! The report, illustrated with the images from Suzi Eszterhas, showcases some of the threats sloths living in urban areas face and our projects.



News from the past

Did human-caused wildfires cause the extinction of giant ground sloths? Recent research explored a new scenario that explains how the giant sloths went extinct and a valuable lesson for our future. You can read our latest ‘Paleo’ blog here.



More sloth-friendly trees

During August, we planted over 200 trees! The trees were planted in small properties in around 20 plantations to generate natural corridors in the urbanized areas. You can help us to plant trees or sponsor a Sloth crossing with your name!



Click the map below to see all the plantings and Sloth Crossings Wildlife Bridges sites!


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